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Heater Issues

“HEATER Issues”

It is becoming more frequent that the heaters in the Fluidotherapy units are failing more often than anticipated, we have contacted the manufacturer of these heaters to find out if there have been any changes in the manufacturing process or in the materials used to manufacture. Apparently this in not the case. We have been told that if the heater is discolored or “blued” then the heater has reached a maximum “terminal temperature” (1800-2300 degrees F)
This is being caused by a lack of proper airflow over the heater. Here are some tips to help alleviate the failure of the heater.
1: Make sure the side vents are cleaned everyday, if you have the old style vent (round),replaced them with the new style (square) with the removable filters. #H31755
2. On the 115 units, verify that both motors are functional. It may seem that the unit is working, but verify by removing the front panel, and check to see that both motors are sucking air, if you feel a breeze from one motor…it’s bad, replace them both. (be careful, the unit is powered and running, you will possibly be exposed to 120vac)
3. While the unit is running, and the panel is removed, feel around the bottom of the motors and around the gaskets to make sure there is no air leak, also check behind the motors where the silicone attaches the two hulls. Also verify that the motors are seated well and tight and that the wires aren’t coming throug the gaskets. (be careful, the unit is powered and running, you will possibly be exposed to 120vac)
4. If the side vents are dirty, most likely the internal fiberglass insulation will be dirty and or clogged as well,you may have to clear a path using a hose or other flexible material from the side vents up to the motor chamber.
5. The distributor (foam barrier) may be clogged, this is difficult to verify, but if the unit comes up to heat very rapidly, or won’t stabilize, or gets too hot, then replace the distributor
6. Due to the dust that is produced by the medium, many clinics cover the top vent(s), with towels and or magazines to limit the airflow from the unit. this can cause a backup of air flow and will cause the heater to overheat and burnout.Install the Dust Diverters to redirect heat and dust away from the patient.

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