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MRChattanooga, LLC
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Ooltewah, TN 37363
Phone: (423) 883-3879
Fax: (423) 910-1375
Email: service@mrchatt.com or kennytinker@gmail.com

Service Department RMA information

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Product Identification

AppLeadsPower CordPower SupplyElectrodes

CracksRattlingMissing parts

Reason for Repair

Unit Inoperative, no powerError Code appearsWeak or no outputTimerDisplayButtonsCables

Repair and ReturnRequest EstimateCalibration OnlyIgnore cosmetic flaws
Problem occurs:
All the timeAfter serveral treatmentsOnly occasionallyAt first power up (cold)
Preferred payment method?
Visa/MasterCard/Amex (cc information at time of estimate)Valid P.O. # must be included
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Fedex Priority OvernightSTD Overnight2 Day Fedex

Upon receipt of estimate, please approve or decline estimate with-in 30 days. Units can be scrapped at no charge. MRC will provide a estimate of repairs, non-repaired units can be shipped back to you with a bench fee of $55 plus shipping. Please ship your system via FEDEX or UPS, using the postal service can result in delay or loss of your system.

*RMA number will be generated automatically upon submission.
**Please print two copies, one to be mailed and one to keep for yourself.

***If an option to print your RMA Form does not show upon submission, please clear your cache/browser history, reload the page and then submit your order again.

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