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    MRChattanooga, LLC

    Ship to:
    MRChattanooga, LLC
    7448 Hollyhock Ln
    Ooltewah, TN 37363
    Phone: (423) 883-3879
    Fax: (423) 910-1375
    Email: service@mrchatt.com or kennytinker@gmail.com

    Service Department RMA information

    Product Returned By

    If The Product is to be Shipped to a different Address fill in below:

    Product Identification

    AppLeadsPower CordPower SupplyElectrodes

    CracksRattlingMissing parts

    Reason for Repair

    Unit Inoperative, no powerError Code appearsWeak or no outputTimerDisplayButtonsCables

    Repair and ReturnRequest EstimateCalibration OnlyIgnore cosmetic flaws

    Problem occurs:
    All the timeAfter serveral treatmentsOnly occasionallyAt first power up (cold)

    Preferred payment method?
    Visa/MasterCard/Amex (cc information at time of estimate)Valid P.O. # must be included

    Preferred shipping back? (Default is Ground Shipping)
    Fedex Priority OvernightSTD Overnight2 Day Fedex

    Upon receipt of estimate, please approve or decline estimate with-in 30 days. Units can be scrapped at no charge. MRC will provide a estimate of repairs, non-repaired units can be shipped back to you with a bench fee of $55 plus shipping. Please ship your system via FEDEX or UPS, using the postal service can result in delay or loss of your system.

    *RMA number will be generated automatically upon submission.
    *Upon clicking this button, you will receive an email with the RMA form to be printed and attached to your shipment.

    The New website is coming soon and the old Print and Ship option will return upon activation of the new web.

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